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Investing in the future of food

Our mission is to bring Solina's entrepreneurial value to life by participating in promising and ambitious companies which contribute to the future of the global food scenery.

About Solina
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About Solina

Expert in savoury food solutions.

Solina is an expert in customized food solutions for food processing industrials in the area of meat, ready meals, snacks, vegetables and new protein foods, turning taste, visual, functional and nutritional ingredients into culinary promising and inspiring food concepts.

Solina’s aim is to draw on our unrivalled expertise and passion to create innovative food solutions. We want to contribute to the production of food that is good: delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly. Each solution is a unique combination of our expertise. Our role is to offer tailored market & consumer insights, technical expert advice and cutting-edge food solutions to our customers.

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Our mission

A leading role in the future of the global food scenery.

Partnering with inspiring people, entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups and other ambitious companies to fulfill a leading role in the future of the global food scenery.

With both strategic and operational experience in the food market, we are in the right position to reveal investment-worthy people and companies bringing disruptive and breakthrough concepts, solutions and tools to our businesses of which we believe they bring a valuable contribution to Solina's mission of 'creating savoury food solutions' and to the global food market in general.


  • Financial support: to follow-up and strengthen your growth plan.
  • R&D expertise: with taste & visual and functions solutions.
  • Pilot plants: to drive innovation into semi industrial production.
  • Sales network: multichannel distribution opportunities.
  • Operations: capabilities in our factories for wet and dry blends.
  • Market intelligence: operational and strategic knowledge.
  • Sourcing: to help finding good supplier partners.
  • Quality control: to support in certification and quality management.
What drives us
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Our team

Flexible and knowledgeable.

Composed of a flexible, knowledgeable team of investment and operational experts, we are committed to ensure a company's autonomy. SolinaVentures invests in innovative companies which are bringing high potential concepts or capabilities to the market.

We nurture promising companies to the next stage of development by providing R&D know-how, marketing intelligence, operational support, sales networks, financial assistance as well as business expertise. In doing so, the cross-fertilization potential is unlocked, enabling Solina to leverage from its partners.

Thomas D

Thomas Decroix

Thomas Decroix

Group Business Development & Transformation Director

Baptiste F

Baptiste Farrando

Baptiste Farrando

M&A & Ventures Director

Christophe G

Christophe Gyselinck

Christophe Gyselinck

Group Technical & Innovation Director

Felix H

Felix Hurtaud

Felix Hurtaud

Ventures Project Manager

Jean W

Jean Weulersse

Jean Weulersse

Ventures Project Manager

Innovation strategic drivers

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Future food

New ingredients

Allergen free, additive free, healthy, sustainable… with POC and ready to use material

New protein food

Cultured meat, fermented protein, biomass, functional protein… for early stage cooperation

New technology

Texturizing technologies such as 3D, shear cell…

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Big data

Digital & Big Data

Digital tools and data analytics which can help Solina to step-up in various fields like traceability, transparency, block chain, sourcing, sustainability…

Traceability & Transparency

Blockchain & Supply Chain

Data & Analytics
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Sustainable Agri-Practicing

Patronage (mécénat) and support for some projects in emerging countries such as India, South America… sustainable sourcing ideas/projects with local communities

Societal initiatives

Sustainable project

Fair trade

Our portfolio

A diversity of entrepreneurs and companies.

Investmenst drivers

Peace Of Meat

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Real meat. Guilt free. For a sustainable future. Peace Of Meat improves the taste, texture and nutritional value of plant based and cell based meat alternatives.

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We are based in France, the country of food, but we are investing anywhere inspired people are thinking of tomorrow food companies.



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